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Course Registration for New School Year

Course Registration for 2024 - 2025 School Year

This page can be accessed at

January 9th

  1. Transcript Review form (Flex teacher will distribute)

  2. Watch video– Day 1 Transcript Review Video
    Transcript Review Slide Deck Info

January 10th

  1. Course Catalog -

  2. Global Electives Sheet

  1. Use time during Flex to look at this document to think about the electives you wish to take next school year.  

  2. Feel free to open a google doc or use the back of your Transcript review sheet to jot elective choices/ideas/questions you may have.

January 11th- 12th

  1. Scheduling Google form- (Form opens January 11th - 12th)

    1. You will have January 11th and January 12th during Flex time to complete.  You may work on this at home as well but form must be complete by 3:30, Friday Jan 12th!

    2. If you start on the form during Flex it will save your progress/answers until you click the submit button.

Scheduling Google form must be submitted by on January 12th at 3:30!!


If you are unsure what CORE class (English/Math/Science/Social Studies)to sign up for, please click on links below.

English-  English Course of Study 

Math- Math Course of Study

Social Studies- Social Studies Course of Study

Science- Science Course of Study


Other Resources

  • Co-op Application- SENIORS ONLY-  (required to be considered for Co-op).

    • Student’s must be on grade level and not be behind in graduation requirements to co-op

    • Must have a job and proof of job (paystub/timesheet with hours worked etc).

  • Opportunity Middle College (OMC) (Juniors or Seniors) (Form due by Feb 29th for Fall 2024) 

  • Eastside / Southside / Locust Trace