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Course Registration for New School Year

Course Registration for the New School Year

This page can be accessed at

Flex Directions 

  1. Students (on chromebook) visit document to view elective course options.

  2. Students choose 4 elective classes and 2 alternate Elective options

    1. Pay attention to the prerequisites of the courses
    2. School counselors will add academy specific electives for freshmen after academy selections. 
  3. Questions about the content of a class?

    1. Link on Subject Area name in the to go to that section of the BSHS Course Directory 

      1. e.g. click the link “Visual Art” to view course descriptions for all classes listed as Visual Art.

      2. Tip:  Click CTRL and F to search document by keywords.

  4. Use Elective Decision Doc  for a document to list elective choices. Have the document completed and ready to discuss with your school counselor.

** Academy Counselors will meet students individually starting Jan17 in CTE/Freshman Seminar classes

*** Students who do not complete this task may have electives chosen for them

  • NOTE: students can skip the "elective decision doc" and enter electives directly to Academic Plan. 
    • Once you have chosen your electives/alternates, log into your IC account, then click "Academic Plan" on the left side-bar. 
    • If you are currently a junior, please answer the question based upon what you will most likely do after high school.  No matter what grade, if you don't know the answer yet, skip it.  
    • On the next screen,
      • enter electives (both semesters) in the top section for next year until you have a total of 8 classes listed.  Most students have at least core entered; use those as examples on how to enter your electives. (i.e. pairs, S1 and S2). 
      • check your core classes to be sure they are what you want/need
      • enter alternates in the "alternate" section at the very bottom
      • nothing should be added into "non-credit". If there is something there already, just leave it there. 

Upperclassmen Links

Other Resources

For Current 8th Graders only: