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About the School

School Vision

Mission statement: At the Academies of Bryan Station, we make learning relevant. 

About Our School

Our school has a wonderfully diverse student population and committed faculty and staff members who care about each student as an individual. Our rich tradition and vibrant community, family, and alumni support contribute to a learning environment designed to help every student achieve excellence.

Bryan Station is proud to be the home of the district's only Air Force JROTC program, the high school continuation of the Spanish Immersion Program, an Informational Technology Academy, and the StationARTS fine arts program. In the fall of 2016, Bryan Station opened its doors to the Freshman Academy.  

BSHS was recognized as an International Spanish Academy in 2007 by the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Ministry of Education. In 2012, BSHS won the ¨School of Year Award", recognizing its exceptional Spanish Immersion Program. The ISA Network recognizes exemplary programs and it's an honor for our students to receive the ISA Diploma at Graduation.

These small learning communities allow for personalized learning and creates a sense of belonging for students. Expanding upon that same idea, Bryan Station in 2017-18 became the first wall-to-wall academies high school in Fayette County.